Depending on your needs and wishes, there are different sponsorship packages available. Benefits range from 30 minute speaking slots to exhibition booths and networking meetings, amongst many others. Feel free to give us a call so together, we can tailor the perfect package for you.

Sponsorship categories are listed below

Co-host Partner Commitment – N12, 000,000 by value

РThis is for a state or agencies that will co-host the event with  FCI International. Such organizations have developmental benefits and may use the event to make political or policy statement.

Industry Partnership – N9,500,000

-This is for main stakeholder such as, ministries, agencies, departments or companies who is major player who will have a year round promotional relationship with the event.

General Sponsorship

Platinum Position: N4,500,000

Benefit:- 20 Special Guest Invitation Cards To Opening Ceremony, VIP business dinner table of 8 guest, Qualified for Industry Award Nominee, Mentioned in all adverts, 1 speaker, 12sqm branded booth, 4 delegates passes to conference.

Gold Positions: N3,500,000

Benefit:- Main registration area branding, 15 Special Guest Invitation, Cards To Opening Ceremony,  mention in all adverts, 1/2 coloured advert in event journal, 1 speaker space, 12 sqm branded both, 3 delegates passes to conference.

Silver Positions: N2,500,000

Benefit:- Mention in all adverts, 1/2 coloured advert in event journal, 9sqm exhibition stand, Paper presentation during the event.3 delegates passes to conference and business dinner.

Bronze Positions: N1,700,000

Benefit:- Mention in all adverts, 9sqm Exhibition stand, 2 delegates pass to conference and business dinner.

Conference Supporter: N850,000

-Benefit:-Paper Session branding, mention in all adverts, 3 delegates spaces business dinner, 2 delegates passes to conference

Sponsorship Registration